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Assignments for Round One of the Feedback-A-Thon have been sent! Please check your emails and spam folders for your assignment - if it's gone missing, please let me know ASAP!
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Since this is a feedback-a-thon, I'd like to take this opportunity to open a discussion on that subject.

As an author/creator, what elements do you look for in great feedback??
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Pimp away!!! Just copy and paste the code below the image. :)

more under the cut )


Dec. 2nd, 2011 01:49 pm
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Dates for Round One: BtVS/Ats

Signups: December 2 - December 20
Assignments Sent: December 26-30
Full List of Works Posted: January 15
Round Closes/All Reviews Due: January 31


Nov. 30th, 2011 09:26 pm
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To sign up, please Copy and Paste the following form in a comment and fill it out completely:

Comments are screened.


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The object of this little 'thon is for BtVS/Ats fanwork creators to get more of what they love: feedback.

How It Works | Rules | FAQ

How It Works

To sign up, you'll fill out a comment on the sign-in post (when it's posted). You'll be asked about your reading preferences as well as anything you cannot or will not read. You will also be given the opportunity to list 3 of your works for your reviewers to view.

When the sign-up period is complete, you will receive the information from three different creators to review. You are only required to give feedback for one piece for each creator, but by all means, you are welcome to leave feedback on all listed.

After a period of time, all of the works will be listed in a community post and you will be welcome to review any additional works, with the understanding that you leave feedback on those you are assigned first.

In return, you should receive at least three reviews for the piece(s) you choose.


1) Make sure that all works submitted have appropriate warnings, in particular for character death, non-consensual sex and sex with under-aged participants.

2) NO FLAMES. You can always find something nice to say, and if the creator is okay with concrit, make sure it is constructive!

3) Look over your assignment as soon as you get it! I will do my best to match up the participants so that each creator on your list should have at least one fic you feel comfortable reading. If you discover there is something on your list you are uncomfortable reading, please let me know ASAP.

4) Only one fic over 10,000 words is allowed as one of your submissions for feedback. The other two must be less than this, so that your reviewers have time to get to everyone.

5) No one-sentence reviews. I'm not going to go around counting words, but the point of this 'thon is to get meaningful feedback, so your review needs to have a three-sentence minimum. There is no maximum.

6) Round One will be focused on BtVS/Ats works only. Works containing comic content are allowed, but they should be written/created in a way that no prior knowledge of the comics is necessary in order for your reviewer to understand.


I never know what to say! What do I do?

Before your assignments are sent out, we will be posting a discussion post for what makes good feedback. This will be collected and distilled and will be posted as a guide to help you.

What do I do if one of my fics to review is at Dreamwidth or AO3 and I don't have an ID there?

You can always post anonymously, but I recommend you use OpenID. There is an FAQ entry on Livejournal about this here, and a short tutorial by myself here, but I've broken down the process below:

On Dreamwidth, follow these steps:
1 - open a new comment
2 - click the radio button that says "OpenID"
3 - a box will open that says "Identity URL:". Type in "". I recommend checking the "log in" box.
4 - type up your comment and press "post comment"
5 - you will be taken to an LJ screen asking if you want to share content - this is so that the other site can link to your LJ. You can choose to say "yes; just this time" or "yes; always". Choose an option.

On AO3, follow these steps:
1 - at the top right-hand corner of the screen, click "Log In"
2 - a grey tab will pop down. At the far right, click "openid login"
3 - type "" in the blank then click "log in"
4 - you will be taken to an LJ screen asking if you want to share content - this is so that the other site can link to your LJ. You can choose to say "yes; just this time" or "yes; always". Choose an option.

I write crossovers. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately, you can't *officially* participate in the exchange process. However, by January 15, a full list of all the stories will be posted so that any members can add feedback to other works than the ones they were assigned. If you write crossovers, you can fill out the sign-up sheet, writing "crossovers for master list only" in the "anything else" blank, and your fics won't be part of the exchange, but they'll be on the master list for others to browse through and give feedback on. You'll be more than welcome to browse that same list and add some feedback of your own. Oh! and make sure to include the crossover fandom somewhere in your signup. Maybe with the paring part. :)

I don't have fanworks to submit, but I'd still like to participate by giving feedback!

Bless your cotton socks! You are more than welcome to feedback all you like. By January 15, the masterlist will be going up and you can browse and feedback to your heart's content! May your life be filled with cookies and hugs!

More questions? Feel free to ask below.

How It Works | Rules | FAQ



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